How to Fix your iPhone Speaker Not Working Issue

iPhone not working issue can be a severe one if you are not taking proper steps to fix it. You may want to listen to music, but whenever you see the screen, you may notice many missed calls. Actually, you use headphones for listening to music. You can’t hear the incoming calls if there is no sound on your phone. You will get no notification for the text messages, no sound while playing the games etc.

It can be a little bit tricky to fix an iPhone’s speaker although it isn’t really hard. There are many reasons behind iPhone’s sound issue. Follow these eight easy ways and fix the most general reasons that are restricting your phone to make the sound.


Keep a check on the ringer and the volume

You might feel this as the most general suggestion, but there is no harm in starting with the most simple thing. One of the reasons can be that you have set the phone to silent mode. Probably on the right side of the iPhone, you will find three buttons. One will be the mute switch with two more buttons of volume. If you have pressed the mute switch, then all the sounds for calls will get disabled. We examine the overall sound about the device through the ‘volume button’. Toggle the ringer switch and enable working of your iPhone speakers. Try to increase the volume.

Do not miss the Sound Settings

If the step mentioned above didn’t help you out then just check iPhone speaker’s software setting. Settings control overall phone volume, such as the volume buttons are functioning well, sounds used while you receive an incoming call, send emails, voicemails and much more. Consider changing the volume slider, Change button to green, set up new ringtone and new text tone.

What to do if the phone is stuck in the headphone mode?

iPhone can send the audio output to a place at one particular time. Maybe your iPhone speakers are working fine, and you aren’t able to figure what is going on? There can be the reason that may be iPhone is stuck in the headphone mode. A bug can cause iPhone to send only the audio to headphones. This is possible without the headphones.

Simply turn off the Bluetooth

It has been mentioned already that the iPhone speakers won’t generate any sound if audio is being sent to another speaker. Maybe you are not hearing any sound because iPhone is sending audio to the different speaker.  Turn the Bluetooth off and cut the link to the speaker. Click Settings and Bluetooth; turn the Bluetooth slider to White.

Check the Audio Output Settings

Sometimes you aren’t aware of certain things. Users may be attached to a surface speaker through Airplay without your knowledge. Just switch audio output settings away from AirPlay speaker and start hearing sounds from iPhone again. Follow this guide:

  • Go to the Control Center.
  • Just click the uppermost right-hand edge of playback control music, you may find this at the top right corner of the screen.
  • If you can’t see the audio output option then click AirPlay icon in top right, it may appear like a set of triangle and circles.
  • Click iPhone.

Just Restart it

You tried everything, and nothing is generating good results then do one thing. Just restart your phone. Restarting your phone may solve many problems at once. It is worth giving a chance. Maybe there are some of the software glitches that aren’t allowing the iPhone speaker to work. Just restart it for clearing out the data.

Update your iOS

Just as the restarting can solve many issues, updating it can also do the same thing. The operating system will get all the bug fixes to the phone. Maybe your iPhone speaker isn’t working well because of the bug in it. As the updates are quick and free of cost so it can help a lot.

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